The Four-letter Word that Many Businesses MUST Insert into Their Vocabulary – Immediately!


We are all familiar with four-letter words. Some are hurtful, some are disgusting and some can actually be funny when used sparingly and in the right situation.

There is one four-letter word that scares the be-jeebers out of the majority of small business owners.

Here are some clues…even though you already know the answer.

1) It starts with an “S”

2) It rhymes with bell.

3) When asked to do it – many business people freeze.

4) Many begin a stalling process that will result in a lot of BUSY-ness but ZERO Bus-i-ness.

Here it is… S – E – L – L

Be honest, what comes to your mind when I make this demand of you:

“You have to sell your product to three different people by the end of this month!”

Some of you will welcome the challenge.

Many people will get a lump in their throat, a knot in their stomach and maybe even become a little light-headed.


Do any of these statements / questions sound familiar?

I want to run my own business…but I don’t like to sell.

I am so creative, if only someone could do the selling for me.

I can help so many people – why can’t they find me?

I’ll just spend a lot of money on advertising…and they’ll find me!

When I get my website up and running…that’s when it will happen!

I’ll be a rock star in my community and volunteer for EVERYTHING…then they will come to me!

Here’s another four-letter word to address all the above… C-R-A-P!

Complete the following statements and it may get to the root cause of addressing our unwillingness to sell.

If I ask you to buy what I am selling you won’t __________________ me.  (like / love)

If I try to sell you something you may think I am _________________.  (needy / pushy)

Asking for the sale makes me feel ___________________________.  (nauseous, icky)

Take note: All of the above statements are about…YOU!!!

That’s one major reason that you may be reluctant to sell.

When you realize that it is NOT about you…you free yourself to celebrate the benefits that your product or service can provide.

What if you were actually hurting your clients by NOT selling to them?

They have a problem – You have the solution – How dare you hold back the potential cure to their ailments!?!

You are the answer to the problems they are suffering through. What gives you the right to deny them their freedom?

The absolute worst that can happen is…they say, “NO”.

Big Deal. Here’s another four letter word… N-E-X-T!

What if we took the same statements from above and changed the perspective?

If I ask you to buy what I am selling you WILL __________________ me.  (like / love)

If I try to sell you something you may think I am _________________.  (A magician / A miracle worker)

Asking for the sale makes me feel ___________________________.  (Empowered and Complete)

Asking for the order will increase your sales exponentially! It has to…how do we know? You’re not asking for it now!!!

Also, welcome the NO’s. You can then ask what the blocks are and deal with them.

Selling isn’t telling, it’s asking questions…not only of the prospect but of yourself!

What benefits will they receive? How will their load be lightened by my product?

How much money can they make or save? How much time will they save? and How much freedom can I provide them?

Why did I NOT get that one? or Why DID I get that one?

Make notes on every sales call for the next 30 days. (30 years if you want)

EG: I liked the way I did this___________  I could have done __________ better.

They bought because_____________   I lost that one because_________________.

What WILL happen when you learn to love to sell? Here are some obvious and not so obvious answers:

You will make more money.

You will have a more affluent future.

You take away your anxiety.

Your spouse and children will feel less stressed.

Your kids will go to a really good school.

You will demonstrate to your kids how to live life to the fullest.

You will create your own economy and never worry about where the business will come from – ever again.