Starbucks Vision Execution

Hey, guys! I’m here today having a morning walk at 6 AM in Seattle. We have an event starting in a few hours. I’m here at the original Starbucks. They have lines. They have lines because the lineup is so crazy. This is the original Starbucks in Seattle. It’s in the Pike Place Market. Check out this cool place. It’s in one of the fish market, the Farmers Market, here in Seattle. I was asked yesterday at the event I thought I’d turn this into a Hustle Cam. I was asked yesterday at the event, “What do I think is more important: the big vision as a business person or the small steps?” The answer’s both. The person doesn’t want to hear that. She was hoping I’d pick one or the other. The answer’s both. I find a lot of business people, entrepreneurs, someone who is starting a business, whatever, when they start their business, they are way too focused on the big vision and as a result they don’t take the little steps and they don’t take the minor, the small executions. It’s all about having the big vision, but it’s all about the small day-to-day execution that really makes the big difference. So when you’re just starting, you know what, I find people often too focused on the big vision. Then as you get bigger, as you build a $1 million business, $2 million business, $3 million business and you can take it bigger and bigger and bigger, what is happening is you end up then focusing too much on the small executions and not enough on the big vision. So if you’re small, focus on the 80% small execution, 20% big vision. And as you get bigger and bigger and bigger, start flipping that ratio so that when you’re running an 8- or 9-figure business, which is huge and a lot of people don’t get to, I’m doing mostly a 90% vision, 10% small execution because I have a team of 200 people doing the small executions. That’s the answer to her question, and this is the original Starbucks and I’m going to go for a coffee. Cheers!


JG Francoeur
CEO, Black Card Books
Author, Messy Manager