Plane Hustle

Hey, guys, just doing a quick Hustle Cam. As you could see, I’m with the man and we just boarded this flight. We spend tons of times flying. I don’t let it slow me down personally. I keep my schedule, I keep doing meetings, I keep doing the hustles, I keep doing everything that I would do in my normal course of business, but that’s me, that’s unique to me ‘cause I know me.

Gerry does something different. He does three things. First, research. He researches on interesting things to fill his mind. He’s working on a slideshow for an important meeting this afternoon, and he and I got to solve one problem which we plan to do before this plane lands.

That’s what we do. We keep hustlin’. We don’t let it slow us down, don’t let them slow you down.


JG Francoeur
CEO, Black Card Books
Author, Messy Manager