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Multiply Your Business Podcast Episode 009 Features JG Francoeur

“I’ve known JG Francoeur for years. He and I have worked on countless business deals together and we’ve had a TON of fun along the way. JG’s one of the smartest business people I know”. – Scott Morrison Multiply Your Business podcast features Jean-Guy (JG) Francoeur, CEO of Black Card Books, with his wealth of

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The Four-letter Word that Many Businesses MUST Insert into Their Vocabulary – Immediately!

We are all familiar with four-letter words. Some are hurtful, some are disgusting and some can actually be funny when used sparingly and in the right situation. There is one four-letter word that scares the be-jeebers out of the majority of small business owners. Here are some clues…even though you already know the answer. 1)

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ePodcastNetwork: The #1 Key Ingredient Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed

Message from Eric Dye to Marybeth Haines: Marybeth, With pleasure, I wanted to thank you for your recent “expert interview” for Enterprise Radio, and to let you know that our interview with JG Francoeur is now live on EPN! Direct Link for Interview: Thanks again for allowing me to serve you here. It is

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