Committed to Completion


Do you want to attain personal excellence? Do you want to get exceptional results and be able to give your best when it counts? Yes, you can, simply by committing, completing and closing the loop.

You can use these 3 keys to great performance to build better habits for getting exceptional results in work and life. If you do not commit, you wouldn’t give it your all, which will make it hard to complete it or do an awesome job. If you do not complete, you will destroy your determination in your capacity to see things through and to convey above and beyond. If you don’t close the loop, you will mislead yourself and stress yourself out with things rising over you or whispering around in your head.

How does committing, completing and closing the loop help in attaining great and excellent performance?

  1. Commitment – When you really commit to something, you give yourself the privilege to give it your all. Make a committed decision!
  2. Completion – So close can be so far. Nothing builds encouragement or power like finishing what you start. Be committed to completion.
  3. Closure – Do not let unfinished business lose your attention, energy and time. It can wear you down and wear you out. Close the loop and make a new committed decision!

Rinse and repeat 🙂 Simple? Yes! Easy? No!

I committed to writing this post in 20 minutes or less, I completed it and now I’m closing the loop. Great job!

JG Francoeur

CEO, Black Card Books
Author, Messy Manager