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Starbucks Vision Execution

Hey, guys! I’m here today having a morning walk at 6 AM in Seattle. We have an event starting in a few hours. I’m here at the original Starbucks. They have lines. They have lines because the lineup is so crazy. This is the original Starbucks in Seattle. It’s in the Pike Place Market. Check

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#NoInBetween17: To Our AMAZING Black Card Books FAMILY & The World

On behalf of our founder, Gerry Robert and our C.O.O. Deborah Turton, I am proud and excited to share the incredible news of what we have accomplished as a team in 2016. Throughout history it has been said — It takes a village to raise a child — or to do anything worthwhile. That adage has proved to be

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Committed to Completion

Do you want to attain personal excellence? Do you want to get exceptional results and be able to give your best when it counts? Yes, you can, simply by committing, completing and closing the loop. You can use these 3 keys to great performance to build better habits for getting exceptional results in work and

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