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FAILURE = SUCCESS So – why do we BITCH when we encounter problems? EMBRACE PROBLEMS!

Here is a little secret that successful people know… You don’t have to be perfect to win!!! Let’s start with a few clichés… and a story we’ve heard a gazillion times. Successful sports teams don’t win every game. In baseball, basketball and hockey you only have to win four games out of seven to be

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Lesson 8: Be Real, Add Value

Tony Robbins helped Gerry Robert become a legend in the book publishing business and be a category creator. Attend The National Achievers Congress this Oct 23-24 to see Gerry Robert and Tony Robbins LIVE! Visit

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Direct Response Marketing By Seth Greene

Direct Response Marketing Expert & Five Time Best-Selling Author Seth Greene bring together some of the top direct response marketing thought leaders in the country to share how they grow their businesses and you can too! In this show you will hear from guests like Dan Kennedy, Sally Hogshead, Roland Frasier, Brian Horn, and many

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